Everyone Is Fighting Their Own Battles..

But it's not always that they don't care. Maybe they have been busy. Maybe deep down they too are fighting off demons and struggles that we don't know about. Maybe in the same way that we are wishing they would be around more for us, they too are thinking and wishing the same.

Not Everyone You Lose Is A Loss

In so many ways letting go of these people is freeing. It is liberating. It allows us to cut out the negativity and bad vibes they brought to our lives. Although we may miss them at times, in the long run we are much better without them.

Bad Things Don't Happen To Good People, Bad Things Create Them

When tragedy hits a person is left with a couple choices. They can let this event define them, break them down and leave them struggling for the rest of their life OR they can take it and run with it, they can take it and make them grow, they can take this pain and tragedy to help them be better and be the absolute best version of themselves physically possible.

Missing You Comes In Waves, & Tonight I Am Drowning

They say time heals all.. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly that means. Does that mean as time goes on we actually move on and get better? Or does it mean that as time goes on we begin to replace the memories with new memories and place a Band-Aid over the pain that we’ve been through?