Missing You Comes In Waves, & Tonight I Am Drowning

They say time heals all.. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly that means. Does that mean as time goes on we actually move on and get better? Or does it mean that as time goes on we begin to replace the memories with new memories and place a Band-Aid over the pain that we’ve been through?

If Heaven Had Visiting Hours

There is nothing in this world I could want more than to be able to drop everything and come see you for few hours. There is nothing I dream of more often than even just a few seconds of reuniting with you again.

It's Okay To Not Know What You Want & This Is Why

We live in a world full of expectations. Everyone around us has an idea of what our lives “should” be like and what we “should” want at this point in our life. The interesting part about all of these judgements and comments from everyone, they aren’t us and aren’t living our shoes. What do they know about what we want?