I Felt My Mom With Me Today

Let’s face it, there is nothing easy about continuing life without our mom. There is nobody to fill the void or nothing that will replace the unconditional love that she provided to us. Having her absent physically is one of the most unimaginably hard things I have ever had to deal with.

However, the most helpful part for me throughout this grief journey was finding a way to connect with my mom without her physical presence. This has led me to incorporate her into my daily life the best I can. This has led me to look for signs from her anywhere and everywhere.

The craziest part of this? If you pay attention, the signs are there. The timing of certain songs on the radio. The “good luck” that you have in times you really need it. The way the lights flicker. Some days, I even feel my mom with me at that present moment (often, it’s when I truly need her the most.)

I know my mom is with me when I feel at ease during a situation I would normally be overwhelmed.

I know my mom is with me when I am on an airplane and am the closest to the sky.

I know my mom is with me when I face a hard decision.

I know my mom is with me when I am looking for the answers of how to handle difficult parts of everyday life.

Finding my moms presence in my life has been the most crucial part of my healing. Even though the hard days are still incredibly difficult, I feel more at peace knowing that she is still with me, every day.

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