Forgetting You Is What I Fear The Most Since You’ve Been Gone, Mom

Life continues to go on without you no matter how much the reality of that sucks. A lot has happened and changed. I’m older and I hope wiser and continue to do my best to make you proud. I try to be strong as I face life’s challenges without you, but  forgetting you is what I fear the most since you have been gone.

With every new thing that happens without you here, comes an even deeper fear. A fear that keeps me up at night. A fear that I don’t talk to about with anyone because I don’t know what to say or who could understand.

I fear that I will forget your voice and your laugh. Because the way your smile had the ability to light up the entire room.

It terrifies me to think that I’ll  forget the warmth of you as I lay in your arms and the way you could calm me down when nothing else could.

I fear that life will start to feel too normal without you and that I will forget what it feels like to have a mom

Death is a weird thing. It knocks us to the ground but forces us to have to continue on with a new life without one of the most important people.

It forces us to continue going, but as time goes on, leave us forgetting pieces of the person that does not come along with us.

It’s a scary thing. It’s scary that the person who meant everything to you becomes further and further away from your thoughts, every single day.


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