If Someone Isn’t Ready For You, They Aren’t The Right Person For You

I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on this whole “right person, wrong time” thing. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around if it’s really possible that this could be true. Could it really be that we meet people who are right for us but the timing is wrong which makes it not work out?

I’m just not sure that’s the case. If a person isn’t ready to be with you and the timing of their life, or your life for that matter, doesn’t allow it, they obviously can’t be the right person.

The right person would mean that everything aligned so that they were able to be exactly that, the right person for you. There wouldn’t be any hesitations, confusion or uncertainity. The right person for you will know exactly what they want. They will know exactly what they need and they will be sure if that something is you.

The right person will never leave you thinking that you aren’t enough. The right person will never have another person in the picture. You will never come second to the person who is right for you.

So yeah, maybe you could meet a really great person. You could meet someone that seems to check your boxes, you click with and seems to be everything you have been looking for. But if the timing in one of your lives is off, that doesn’t make them the right person. 

In that case, maybe you met someone who seemed right. That in a perfect world, things would be different and the two of you really could have worked. If things were different than you could be together. 

But thats just it. Only in a perfect world could the two of you been together. Only at a time where things were very different in the both of your lives could this have worked. So for that being said, this wasn’t the right person, this was just another person you met along the way while waiting to find who you are really meant to be with. 

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