Everyone Is Fighting Their Own Battles..

Throughout life we go through phases. Sometimes, life is going great and we don’t need too much extra support. Things are going in the right direction and we are just plain happy. Sometimes however, we aren’t so lucky. In those times, life is hard. It’s overwhelming and difficult and sometimes these demons become something that you can’t fight on your own. 

These are the times the people around us become more important. These are the times that the people around us can actually make or break the things that we are even going through. The people in our lives are either helping raise us up or contributing to our downfall.

It’s not always our friends and families fault when they make things worse. Sometimes, it’s because we aren’t telling them. We aren’t telling them what we are going through because it’s too difficult to explain. It’s too hard to try and explain the issues we’re having to someone who has never been through the same thing. 

We push them away because we don’t think that they could possibly understand what we are going through. We push them away because we don’t want them to feel as though we are a burden to them. 

So we get frustrated with these people when they miss the signs. We get frustrated when they don’t reach out and they don’t seem to worry. Without even realizing it, we are getting hurt even worse by our thoughts and feelings that the people in our life don’t care. 

But it’s not always that they don’t care. Maybe they have been busy. Maybe deep down they too are fighting off demons and struggles that we don’t know about. Maybe in the same way that we are wishing they would be around more for us, they too are thinking and wishing the same.

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