The Reality Of Starting A New Year Without Your Mom

New Year’s has a way of bringing many feelings and emotions to the surface. It’s a time to reflect. A time to make goals. A time to think about what the past year has brought, and what the next one will bring.

It’s a time to be excited. It’s a time to look forward. But, it’s also a time to feel sadness and sorrow if the past year was filled with pain and loss.

Grief has a way of bringing a lot of sadness into a new year. Grief has a way of leading us to do a lot of looking back instead of moving forward.

When we lose someone we love, especially earlier than expected, it is very hard to enjoy the things we were once excited about. It is very difficult to enjoy the present and look forward to the future when our only memories of this person are left in the past.

This makes the start of a new year difficult. This makes the start of a new year a realization that this a year that our loved one will no longer be a part of.

Whether it’s your first year without your mom or the 20th, something about it is just different. Something about the excitement and resolutions, just aren’t what they once were.

It’s another year that she won’t be part of. It’s another year of milestones that she won’t be here for.

But that’s okay. Although a new year means a year without your mom physically here, it also means another year with the greatest guardian angel. It also means another year that you have someone looking out for you, watching you and guiding you, every step of the way.

Although they are not physically here, it does not mean they are gone. It does not mean that they won’t still be right by your side throughout everything you do this year.

So, dedicate this year to you and your mom. Do things to make her proud. Live your life this year in the way she didn’t get to. Live this year for her.

Just because she is gone from the physical world, doesn’t mean you have to remove her from your daily life. It doesn’t mean you can’t make goals or have dreams. It doesn’t mean you can’t make exciting resolutions. Instead, look forward to knowing that she is still sharing these things with you, even though you cannot see them.

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3 thoughts on “The Reality Of Starting A New Year Without Your Mom

  1. Thank you for sharing…your posts and experience has helped me a lot. Losing my mom this September has left a hole in my heart that I am not sure will ever fully heal, but your posts help

  2. Its been 3 years since I lost my mom. I miss her laugh, her voice, her smile. I miss her always being there no matter what.
    I just wish she could see all the changes I’ve made, from moving to Texas to finding my way to Our Lord and Savior. I’ve been saved and baptized. I listen mostly to contemporary christian music, quit smoking, live healthy and found some actual happiness because of Christ.
    Never knew any of this would happen, never knew that God pull’s people out of their mess and saves them. Shows me how to live better just by staying in him.
    She has 3 grandbabies she was never able to meet, plus one more baby girl on the way. I found her son, my brother this year after searching for 25 years.
    She would be filled with so much joy just to know the things that are happening.
    I just wish we could somehow communicate these things tp our lost loved ones.
    Mom, I love you dearly and miss you so much.
    The saving and baptizing in our family is now getting stronger with Taylor, Joe, me and Sean all are saved and baptized.
    You started that by showing your faith in Jesus mom.
    That is the only thing that makes this all ok. Only Jesus.
    Happy New Year 2019 in Heaven momma.

  3. I recently lost my mom 06/23/18. I have been on a roller coaster of emotions. I’ve read many article about the loss of a parent. This by far has had the most impact on me. To be specific, the part where you say to “live this year for her”. Thank you for sharing.

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