The Holidays Aren’t The Same For Someone That Is Grieving

I remember the first holiday after my mom died like it was yesterday. It was probably one of the most emotional times in my life. It was also a time I dreaded greatly. I was not in the holiday spirit. I did not want to be around anyone. Actually, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and be alone and wait for this to be over.

For someone that is grieving, the holidays aren’t the same as they were before this person died. They instead are days that they are just trying to survive, get through and try to move forward.

They aren’t excited about the holidays this year. They aren’t in the “holiday spirit.” For them, this year is just a reminder of the person that they love that is missing.

Be patient with them.

Don’t get upset if they don’t seem happy to see you. Honestly, they aren’t very happy in general right now. It was hard enough for them to get out of bed, show up and be present.

Don’t be mad that they didn’t bring anything. They were barely able to bring themselves.

Don’t pressure them to talk about things they don’t want to. Everyone deals with their grief in their own way. Just because for you, the right answer may be to talk about the person you miss, for them they might not be ready.

If they do want to talk, listen. Let them talk about this person like they are still here. Let them tell stories. Help them to feel comfortable talking about this person. Try to normalize it.

They might cry. I know it’s easy to feel uncomfortable around others crying. Try to just be there and help them feel like it is a safe place for them to do this.

There often isn’t a “right” thing to say to someone who just lost someone that they love.  The best thing you can do for them is to follow their lead for whatever they may need on these very difficult days.

These days aren’t the same for someone that is grieving. Be kind.

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  1. Your website has got me through some rough days. Thank you for helping us women to deal with heartbreak, my Mom was everything to me and I don’t care what others think, if I need to cry or just be alone, its my way of dealing with the sadness especially around the holidays, that empty chair says it all. ??

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