Stopping the Stigma: My Mom Died and I WILL Talk About It

We live in a society that is so terrified to talk about death. For something that is happening every day, all around us, people just don’t know how to communicate about this subject. My mom died 6 years ago. I have friends and family who knew me when my mom was alive, knew me when my mom was sick, attended her funeral and 6 years later STILL get awkward talking about the fact that my mother isn’t here.

How is it that me, the person who experienced this awful situation is the one who can talk about it yet everyone around me does not know how to? How is it that my friends still get uncomfortable when I talk about it? Why is it that grown adults can’t discuss this subject with me without giving me that sad, feeling bad for me look and voice?

This stigma needs to end. The conversation needs to start. There is no reason that we as a society are still so uncomfortable about this subject. Nobody should feel that they have to stop talking about their loved one just because they are no longer here. Nobody should be afraid to discuss the person that meant the most to them.

So many people have told me, “When my mom died we just stopped talking about her. Nobody in my family talked about her and we just kind of went on like she never existed.” WHY? Why is this a thing? Why should someone grieving the loss of the most important person in their life have to go pretending they didn’t exist? They were a huge part of your life and they should still get to be even from heaven.

So talk about your mom. Make people feel uncomfortable but more importantly teach people to BECOME comfortable. Maybe the more you talk about this subject and show others that it is okay, the more that others will too.

Nobody should feel like they should have to forget the person they loved. Nobody should feel afraid to talk about them.

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