Read This If You Are Feeling Emotionally Drained

This is a feeling I seem to know all too well. It comes about almost out of nowhere, right when things are seeming to be okay.

Maybe it’s been building up without me realizing, I don’t know, but what I do know is that when it hits, it’s a tornado of the worst kinds of feelings and emotions that leaves me absolutely exhausted.

You can read it all over my face. The people around me can tell something isn’t right. I’m physically there but I’m not present. My mind is drained and left in a ton of different places. 

No matter how hard I try, I can’t climb out of this. The only thing that makes me feel better in the moment is to sleep. I sleep in hopes that the next day I will wake up feeling better. In hopes that tomorrow will be filled with more energy, passion and happiness than the days before.

It makes it hard to do regular daily things. It gets in the way of work and relationships. It leaves me lacking in many areas that are important to me. It creates struggles with many of the things important to me.

It takes a lot to shake these feelings. It takes time to crawl out of this funk. It takes time to get to the place I’m ready to jump out of bed on the first alarm in the morning.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but this dark period will eventually end. When you least expect it, you will start to feel yourself again. In time, you will find your spark, your passion and your happiness, again. 

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