Not Everyone You Lose Is A Loss

This has been an important issue for me to reflect on lately. As people continue to come and go from my life, it is important to think about what losing this person actually means in the grand scheme of things.

Was this person making my life better? Did they bring positive and supportive vibes to my life? Or did they cause me more stress, make my life more difficult and add more negativity to things?

Unfortunately, not every person that we allow to be part of our lives actually deserve to be there. Actually, much of the time, they bring us a ton of extra stress and negativity. That being said, there is a reason why they aren’t in our lives any longer.

Usually when we lose people, it isn’t because they were good people who wanted the best for us. Much of the time they have either hurt us badly or we had gotten fed up with their actions.

That makes this loss easier. As much as we may miss someone being part of our lives, that doesn’t mean that it was in our  best interest to be there. That’s why part of us feels lighter, even at the same time that we want to check up on them and see how they are doing.

Not every person that you lose is a loss. In so many ways letting go of a toxic relationship, a negative friend or a non loving family member is hard. It’s hard because no matter how we were treated by them, we loved them. We cared about them and didn’t want to lose them.

But in so many ways letting go of these people is freeing. It is liberating. It allows us to cut out the negativity and bad vibes they brought to our lives. Although we may miss them at times, in the long run we are much better without them.

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