The Ugly Truths That Nobody Tells You About When You Lose Your Mom

Nobody prepares you for the ugly array of emotions that are to come after the death of your mom. In fact; I don’t think anyone could prepare you for the roller coaster of grief this brings flipping your life upside down when you least expect it.

Nobody tells you how hard it will be even years later. Just when you thought you were making some progress in your grief; something happens and triggers you missing your mom more than ever. It sends you back into this whirlwind of grief trying to keep yourself afloat without the most important person in your life.

Nobody tells you about the jealousy you’ll feel towards others who still have their moms and a “normal” family. When your mom died, your family forever changed. A huge piece is missing and you don’t get that back. It’s hard to not feel angry and jealousy towards people who still get to have that, much longer than you. 

Nobody tells you about the loneliness you’ll feel when the only person you want and need is your mom. Nobody could explain the empty feeling when your up at night needing to call your mom and realizing that you can’t. 

Nobody tells you how much you’ll fear losing anyone else. You already lost the most important person in your life. It’s hard to imagine how you could handle anymore loss. So you hang on to people extra tight and fear with everything in you, what it would be like to lose someone else.

There’s nothing easy about the loss of your mother. In fact, it may be one of the hardest things in life we will ever have to overcome.

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