EmpowerHER is Expanding to Connecticut!

empowerHER supports young girls who have experienced the early loss of their mothers.  By creating enhanced experiences surrounding our events, we instill confidence and reduce isolation through a community of sisterhood that offers hope to each of the girls we serve.

I am proud to announce I am an empowerHER Ambassador in CT and am helping to bring this powerful program to girls of all ages who have experienced the early loss of their mothers.  I wish I had the opportunity to meet others who could relate to my loss when I was younger and out of the gratitude I have for all the support I received after my own mother died 6 years ago, we will now begin to serve girls in CT.

Please follow these links if you know a girl who would like to enroll or if you would like to be a mentor of your own!

Enrollment Link:


WHAT ROLE DOES THE MENTOR SERVE FOR THE GIRL AND HER FAMILY? Mentorship is changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people across the country. At empowerHER, our program is tailored to meet the changing needs of the family following this tragic loss. empowerHER does not replace the role of the mother or minimize the role of the father, stepmother or other family or friends in the girl’s life. Instead, our programs are designed to provide additional support and resources throughout the year for the girl and her family. The commitment is aprox. 5 hours per month.

Mentor Application:


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