I Lost Way More Than Just a Mom On The Day She Died

Losing my mom has been by far the most difficult experience in my life thus far. Honestly, I think it will forever be one of the most painful things I will ever go through.

The hardest part about this loss is that it didn’t just end at losing my mom the day that she died. It will continue to be a loss and a struggle for moments, milestones and hardships for the rest of my life. I lost way more than just my mom the day she died.

I lost the person who I could talk to about everything.

I lost the person to help me on my wedding day.

I lost the person to help give me advice as I raise my own children.

I lost the first person I would always call with news, both good and bad.

I lost my best friend.

I lost my shopping partner.

I lost the person I could lay in bed with for hours, eating ice cream and just talking about life with.

I lost the person who could always make me laugh.

I lost the person that treated all of my friends like family.

I lost the person who could make anywhere in the world feel like home.

I lost the person who loved me unconditionally always, no matter what.

My mom was so much more to me than just my mother. She was so much more than just a parent who helped raise me. My mom was above and beyond in every way. My mom was the best person I have ever known and will forever be the greatest loss I have ever experienced.

I lost so much more than just a mom on that snowy day in November. I lost so many things that will NEVER be replaced.

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