Facing My Own Mortality, Realizing The Importance Of Living

About two weeks ago, I was faced with my own mortality finding out I had tumors in my liver and having to get countless tests to determine if they were benign or a very aggressive form of liver cancer. Yes, one of the two, nothing in between.

Today, I found out I do NOT have cancer. And that is the greatest, most relieving feeling, I have ever felt.

I’ve always been one to put on the tough girl act that “i don’t care if i die” or “ill get to see my mom again”- Let me tell you how wrong every ounce of that is. I am NOT ready to go anywhere. I have way too much to still do. I have way too much to live for. I have way too many people that I am not ready to leave.

Now that I have this second chance at life…..

This experience has changed the way I will look at life for the rest of it.

I will be more present.

I will enjoy moments with the people I love

I will never take for granted the smallest things that bring me joy that I have never realized.

I will do more of what makes me happy.

I will take that vacation.

I will go catch up with that old friend.

I will put my phone down.

I will say I love you every single chance I get.

I will live every day to the absolute fullest for both myself and my mom.

This experience has changed me. It caused me to think about my own life, death and all of the things in this life that I love, despite losing someone who was very important to me.

I will never again take for granted the life that my mom got cut short of.

Mom, I miss you terribly- but I am not ready to come meet you up there yet.

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One thought on “Facing My Own Mortality, Realizing The Importance Of Living

  1. So glad that you received good news about your health. I like your attitude – being grateful … because sometimes I forget how lucky I am. Thank you.

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