Read This If You Feel Like There’s No Way You Can Survive Your Grief

Losing someone you love, too young, too soon, or at a time that you were absolutely not ready to. For whatever the reason, you weren’t ready to have to deal with the pain that comes with this loss. You were not ready to wake up every day fighting to hang on and continue with your life without the person who means the most to you.

No amount of money, race, religion or sexual orientation will prevent you from having to deal with this pain.

Grief does not discriminate.

It attacks all different kinds of people at times in their life when they least expected it. It has a way of breaking our world apart and leaving us with no possible idea where to turn.

Parents losing children. Young children losing parents. A spouse losing the person they were not ready to spend their life without. For whatever unfair death you are dealing with, it is a kind of pain that is unlike anything you have ever experienced. It is something that no amount of life or knowledge could prepare you for.

Grief doesn’t come with a guide. It doesn’t give you a manual of how to navigate through this chaos.

It doesn’t give you any sort of idea of how to continue on with your life pretending everything is okay when actually, every single part of your life world is falling apart.

Grief doesn’t teach you how to help your child through the loss of their parent or sibling way earlier in life than they ever could have imagined. It doesn’t tell you what it will feel like to pick your surviving parent off of the floor when they can’t get themselves up and ready to go back to work. Grief doesn’t give you the slightest idea of what it will be like to watch your family and loved ones go through an unbearable pain while there is not a thing in the world that could help them.

The thing about grief is, no matter where in life you are or how stable you think everything in your world is, there is no way to prepare yourself for what it will do to you.

There is no way to possibly be ready for the feelings, the pain and the sadness that grief will suffocate you with. It could never be possible to be ready for the heartache and numbness that losing someone you love will do to you.

The positive side? It doesn’t hurt this bad forever. Although grief will always be a part of you, the pain won’t sting this bad forever. One day, you’ll wake up and realize you haven’t cried in two days, and for you, that will be a triumph. There will come a time you will smile again, genuinely smile and laugh and enjoy life again.

Although this person will forever be with you, the pain will subside and you will keep going. You will survive this pain and this mess.

You will come out stronger than you ever were before. You will survive. You will thrive.

One thought on “Read This If You Feel Like There’s No Way You Can Survive Your Grief

  1. Yes i hear you. I lost both parents 11 years ago, only 3 1/3 months apart. And a brother the year before that. And a sister last year. There’s 3 of us left. We all live in different places. So kinda difficult to get together. We did plan one gathering last year. Was great. Will keep trying to keep that going. So hugs to you and yours. ♥️

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