Things The Motherless Do To Cope During The Holidays

Losing a mother may be one of the worst losses there is. You have this person who is your biggest fan, your cheerleader, your best friend and your parent all in one. You feel safe and protected and couldn’t imagine living without them…. until you have to.

The holidays can be one of the hardest times for those of us who have lost a parent. The things we once looked forward to and the traditions we once shared don’t exist anymore. It’s really hard.

200 motherless sons and daughters helped me to put together a list of how they cope during the holidays. I hope it can help.


  1. Spend time with family members

  2. Focus on the people around me

  3. Keeping up with mom’s traditions

  4. Create new traditions

  5. Talk about her

  6. Remember the times shared together

  7. Keep a positive outlook

  8. Help those in need/volunteer

  9. Be with friends

  10. Feel everything that comes

  11. Dance

  12. Decorate

  13. Have as much fun as possible

  14. Cry it out

  15. Making sure to not be alone

  16. Bake mom’s recipes

  17. Keep things around the house to remind me of mom

  18. Meditate

  19. Pray

  20. Surround yourself with positive people

  21. Including mom in new traditions

  22. Stay busy

  23. Enjoy the present with loved ones

  24. Cherish memories

  25. Shop

  26. Look at pictures

  27. Watch Christmas movies

  28. Keep her spirit alive

  29. Reflect

  30. Distract yourself

  31. Concentrate on people who are here

  32. Keep on a schedule

Remember, you are stronger than you feel right now. You will be even stronger tomorrow. This loss does not define you. You will survive. One day at a time. 

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