Bad Things Don’t Happen To Good People, Bad Things Create Them

What is it exactly that makes someone a good person? What makes a certain individual different from their peers? What makes someone a better person than somebody else?

When tragedy hits a person is left with a couple choices. They can let this event define them, break them down and leave them struggling for the rest of their life OR they can take it and run with it, they can take it and make them grow, they can take this pain and tragedy to help them be better and be the absolute best version of themselves physically possible.

The experiences that people are forced to deal with, helps to form them into the person that they are.

It gives them the strength and the push to become the very best person that they can be, if they chose to let it affect them in that way. This helps define the way that they handle and overcome situations both presently and as they move forward in the future.

This begins to shape the very rest of a person’s life. This sets the tone for the way they will react and handle things for the very rest of their time on earth. This creates, the most amazing kind of person.

Losing someone can be one of the most devastating things life throws our way. A strong person takes this loss as motivation. They take this loss as a way to live everyday for the person that didn’t get to. They start to jump on every opportunity. They strive to live to be the very best version of themselves.

An unhealthy relationship can shake us to our core. A strong person takes this experience as a way to find out what they actually deserve. This kind of person takes this as an opportunity to work on them, grow and become the very best that they can be for the next time they are faced with something like this head on.

Broken friendships can make us blame ourselves. A strong person reflects on this experience by figuring out what they did wrong (if anything) and seeing if there is anyway to change this. This kind of person quickly realizes that this toxic friend is not someone that they needed any longer. They are able to see the way this person brought them down instead of supported them.

Tragedy in our lives can absolutely destroy us.

A strong person takes this tragedy and allows it to make them better. It makes them a better person than they were before this happened, it creates the most amazing, hard working and resilient person that is motivated to create the very best life for themselves despite what they have been through.

Experiences and hardship do not define a person. The way that they react, overcome and move forward is what does. Tragedy has a way of shaking us to our core, helping us to rise above and creating the amazing person that we were destined to become.

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