You Will Never Be Right For The Wrong Person

I’ll admit it. I’ve spent countless hours beating myself up and crying over people who made me feel as though I was not enough. I spent way too much time believing that something was wrong with me and that’s why something didn’t work with a person.

I literally believed something was wrong with me. I believed that if I was prettier or smarter or thinner or all around just better than I would have been able to make a relationship work.

I spent all of my time beating myself up over who I was that I totally overlooked something that should have been so much clearer. Why did this have to be all on me? Why was I the only part of the equation that was wrong? Why was I allowing someone to make me feel like I wasn’t worthy of love?

Why was I spending all of this time thinking so negatively of myself when really I should have been pointing out the clearer picture: How could I ever be right for someone who is wrong?

The reason this didn’t work wasn’t solely because of me but instead it was because the two of us weren’t meant to be. We weren’t right. More importantly, this wasn’t the right person for me.

The right person would never make me feel like I wasn’t enough.

The right person would never leave me pointing out my flaws and blaming myself.

The right person would never have me feeling like there were things I needed to change about myself in order to be enough.

When you find the person that is right for you, there won’t be hesitations. There won’t be self-blame. Instead, you won’t ever have to question your worth and you won’t ever want to ration how worthy you are to love and be loved in return.

Wait for that person.

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