The Empty Chair At Christmas This Year

“Christmas in heaven, what do they do? They come down to Earth and spend it with you. Save them a seat, just one empty chair. You may not seem them, but they will be there” –Unknown 

Holidays can be the worst of times when you have lost someone you love. It can make it almost unbearable to try and find the silver lining and still enjoy this day. 

These days can quickly go from the days that you looked forward to the most- to the days that you now dread and wait to end.

This day is a constant reminder that this person that you used to be so thankful for, and spend the day with, is no longer here. It’s an awful feeling.

But this quote helps put things into perspective a little bit, don’t you think? If you truly do believe your loved one is always with you, why would today be any different?

If they are always with you, always watching over you, always looking out for you, why wouldn’t they be here to celebrate the holiday that you loved to spend together?

Of course, they are. So find comfort in it.

Find comfort that there really isn’t an empty seat. 

Find comfort that the empty seat really is reserved for your loved one and that even though you cannot see them, they are still here.

Find comfort that just like every other day that they are watching and guiding you, they are with you today as well.

Although the holidays may be hard, remember that just like all of the hard times they have supported you through before, they will be right next to you supporting you through this as well.

So close your eyes, remember the good times, and picture them sitting right there next to you, just like they always have.

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