The Unfortunate Reality of Meeting the Right Person at the Wrong Time

“Right person, wrong time.” This phrase always sounded so cliché to me. I laughed at the people who said that. I would think it was just them not getting it through their own head that maybe this person just wasn’t actually into them. I didn’t believe in this. I always figured if two people wanted something bad enough they could make it work. Right?

Not always. Not always are both people in the emotional state to have what it takes to start a new relationship, let someone in and let themselves completely fall for another person. Just because everything else seems to be adding up, that doesn’t mean that emotionally, the other person is ready for what falling for someone new will entail.

So you meet this person. You spend hours and hours talking in the car about everything. You want to see them every day. You can’t get enough of them. They are everything you have been looking for and everything that you were unsure you would ever find. For this moment, everything seems right and you think all of your terrible relationships that you have put yourself through can now be worth it. You start to wonder if every bad thing that happened to you was preparing you to finally get to be happy, with this person.

Nobody has made you feel this way before. Not this quickly off the bat at least. It’s like you two were meant to find each other and everything just seems perfect. You actually start to wonder why you can’t find a single thing wrong with this person. Until you really get to know each other, to your cores, that is.

Until one person has a demon they are carrying that they are still trying to deal with. Until one person still has unresolved emotional damage that sits close with them every day. Until you realize, one person, has been through too much, too recently, and they are not ready for something this intense, this serious, this soon.

Terrifying that is. Its gut wrenching to think that if you met this person months down the road things would be different. It’s unbearable to try and think why this person ended up right in front of you, right now, if it can’t work. Realistically, it just seems not fair.

But maybe this is how it was supposed to be. Maybe you were never meant to be. But instead, just meant to cross paths with one another, to show each other something that you needed, at that exact moment.

Or maybe one day you will find each other. Maybe one day when the timing is right and your worlds collide again, you will find that things this way, are exactly the way that they were supposed to be.

That’s the interesting part about this life. We never know what is right down the road or what path we will cross next. Not until it happens, and shakes us up, all over again. 

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