Another Mother’s Day Without You, Mom

Sometimes it feels strange that I am still writing these blogs. Not because I don’t still miss you terribly, but more so because I can’t believe this much time has passed and I’ve had to live through this many years and Mothers Day’s without you.

I think I’ve accepted that this is one of those days that will never get easier. I think I’ve accepted that this is one of those days I am going to dread, and struggle through for the rest of my life.

It’s a day where the world seems to be happening all around me yet I still feel like I’m at a stand still.

I’m watching everyone around me enjoy the day with their loved ones, or even carry on like it is just another ordinary day but I can’t seem to find the words to explain how I feel today.

I can’t seem to even be able to try and explain to a person who hasn’t lost a mom, what it feels like to be motherless on Mother’s Day.

It’s an isolating feeling. It’s super lonely. If it weren’t for the people I know who have also lived through this pain, it would be almost unbearable.

It isn’t a feeling that I ever thought I would be able to understand. It isn’t something you could ever understand unless you have been through it.

If it weren’t for the positive outlets that I have found, it would be totally miserable. (Even more so than it already is.)

I suppose the one positive throughout all of this, is that it’s only one day, and it WILL be over tomorrow.

Sending the most love to all of the motherless today, and every day.

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