To My Person In Heaven, This Easter

With every year that passes, this is one day that doesn’t seem to get easier. With every holiday, it is more clear that you are actually never coming back, and that is the scariest thought for me to wrap my head around.

Easter was so important to you. It was so important to me. The part that made it so important was to get to spend it with you. Our traditions were everything to me and I will never ever forget them.

I don’t love Easter the way I used to. I don’t look forward to it and get excited the way I once did. The fact that I don’t get to spend it with you- just takes so much excitement out of it.

I miss you. I miss our traditions. I miss having you to spend this day with.

Who am I kidding? I miss my best friend.

My heart aches that I have to spend what is supposed to be such an important family centered day without the most important person to me. I can’t say enough times how much this time of year makes me miss you.

This is a time to spend with the people you love. I just can’t see the sense of it without you here. It takes the happiness and love out of it that much more.

Life isn’t the same without you. Holidays aren’t the same without you. I’ve accepted, that they probably never will be.

Don’t for a second think you aren’t on my mind constantly during this time, just like you are every other day.

I miss you. I love you.

I hope Easter in heaven is as beautiful as you are, if that’s even possible.

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