The Difficulties Of The Holiday Season After Your Mom Has Died

Another year has gone by. Another year of holidays are quickly approaching and it’s time for another year that we will have to spend without you. I’m not sure if this time of year ever gets easier. I’m not sure if there ever becomes a time where I don’t get in a weird funk knowing that this time of year is coming.

Holidays used to be so different. They were full of life and there was more to enjoy. We had some of the greatest traditions. You made every holiday better.

Who am I kidding? You made everything in general better. How much sweeter it was to spend this time of year with my favorite person ever, and my best friend.

So as another holiday season approaches, I am missing you. I am missing you with every happy moment, along with every sad. So much continues to change, but missing you, is one thing that continues to stay consistent.

I don’t think holidays will ever be the same without you. I can’t imagine I will ever be able to find the same joy in these days.

But I will try. I will try for you because that is what you would want. You didn’t want to leave. You didn’t want to leave us to celebrate without you. You didn’t want to be away from the people you loved.

So I will celebrate you. I will honor you and I will do everything possible to make sure everyone still remembers the joy and happiness you brought to everything. I will make sure nobody ever forgets the beautiful person you were, both inside and out.

These days will never be the same without you, but I will do my best to keep you with me and use that to find the joy in today, tomorrow and all of the days to come. 

I miss you. I love you. These days will never be the same without you.

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4 thoughts on “The Difficulties Of The Holiday Season After Your Mom Has Died

  1. I lost my mom in 1995 and she was only 65. Everything you wrote is exactly how I feel all of the time! Now I am 65 and I hope I can live much longer so my children will see their mom. Thank you for writing this! This ave me peace to go on.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful and yes it is exactly the way I feel !!! my mother passed away at home from Cancer the day after Christmas 2008 , and for a long while I didn’t want anything to do with the holidays . But I thought this is not what she would want for me she would want me to go on enjoy what the holidays bring with the rest of my family . we were best friends and did everything together. I miss her every day of my life And especially at Christmas time, but I know she is with me always .

  3. I lost both my mom and dad two day after Christmas 2013 in a car accident. My mom passed instantly; my father 3 months later. It’s hard to find joy in holidays without them. My children four and two at the time never really got know them. I try to do the same traditions but it’s just not the same because so much of why we always went home for the holidays is because of the joy and traditions they created.

    I try for them, for my kids but it’s hard not to feel cheated and the holidays gray

  4. Growing up I always said my mother and my maternal grandmother were my favourite people. I had the privilege of having Mother with me physically on the earth in a peaceful nation for 32 years. Mother left us for heaven in 1999 when she was 61 years young. I will never be the same but I am so grateful for the years we spent together and the way she taught me to live. She goes on and I know she is with us. May God bless us all during these holidays and throughout the years to come. Susan Nell Walter

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