Nobody Gets To Put A Timeframe On Your Grief

If there is one thing I have learned throughout this whole “grief journey”, it’s that everyone has an opinion, something to say and a reason that they think for some reason they can relate to what you are going through.

Let me just set it straight that just because you have experienced the death of someone in your life it does not mean you know what I am going through or that my experience is anything related to yours. Just because we both had someone die, it does not mean I should feel or grieve in the same way that you did. We had two entirely different relationships with two different people and there is no comparison for something like that.

Losing a loved one absolutely rocks your world. It flips everything you know upside down and you are supposed to pick up the pieces to move forward. It sends you on a roller coaster of emotions that you have no idea how to handle. Every day is a new battle and the battle does not always end in a “short” time.

That being said, NOBODY gets to put a time frame on your grief. Nobody gets to say it is taking you too long to get over this loss. Nobody gets to press judgement on you. Nobody really should be able to say anything at all about this.

There isn’t a person in this world who knows exactly what you are going through at this moment in time. Nobody knows the way you feel when you wake up in the morning or right before you go to bed at night. Just because someone else has lost someone too, it doesn’t mean they have felt the same way that you do now.

You aren’t grieving wrong. You aren’t taking too long to deal with this. You don’t need to get over this. Go at your own pace. Take your time. Grief is a lifelong battle and EVERYONE grieves differently.

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