What Will Mother’s Day In Quarantine Look Like For Those Who Have Lost Their Mom?

Lonely. Isolating. Sad. Just a few words that come to mind when I start to think about what this day is going to be like.

Don’t get me wrong; Mother’s Day is never a good day. It’s the most dreaded day of the year for me and I’m sure if you asked anyone who has had their mom die, they would say the same. It’s one of those days that you just want to sleep through and wake up on the other side when it is all over.

So what is it going to be like now that we are stuck at home, unable to see many of our loved ones and be alone with nothing but social media and our thoughts for the day?

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous. I usually spend this day keeping very busy, doing things for myself, and most importantly, doing many of the things that my mom and I used to do together. Knowing that this year I am not going to be able to do that leaves me back to the drawing board trying to come up with some semi-positive coping mechanisms I can use to get through this dreaded day.

I am sure I am not alone as I sit and reflect on what this day is going to look like this year. When I think about it, few positive things come to mind.

I think we can all agree life is scary right now. It is especially scary without our moms. So what is a day that is dedicated to honoring the person who is no longer here going to look like this year?

If you haven’t lost a mom, check on your friends that have. They need you every year, but this year in particular. They are always very lonely on Mother’s Day, however, this year is going to be even lonelier. They may need you now more than ever.

Until then I will think about how I can still honor my mom and try to stay somewhat sane this Mother’s Day.

What will this day look like for you this year?

What will you do to get through?

As I always say, it is only one day and thankfully, it will be over tomorrow.

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