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There is no relationship in this world like the one that I had with my mother. She was my best friend, my worst enemy and everything in between. She was the person who was there for me at my worst and the person to always celebrate with me when I was at my best. My mother was everything to me.

 Losing my mother was the absolute worst thing to ever happen to me. Nothing in the world could compare to the horrendous feeling of knowing that I would not get to lie in my mother’s arms again.  

 With everyday that passes, I miss my mom more than the day before. With every new beginning, every ending, every milestone and every celebration I desperately crave the love and support from my mother. There is nothing and no person who can replace her.

You are not alone

 You are not alone in this feeling. I too lost my mother and it has been the most devastating thing in the world. Through this journey I have realized that there are so many others who are living this same pain. I have learned that I am not the first person to go through this and I certainly won’t be the last. We have officially joined one of the world’s most dreadful clubs. 

 Your mother lives inside of you

 If there is anything I’ve learned through this journey it is that I become more of my mother every single day. Each day I surprise myself with how much more alike my mother I am becoming. She lives inside of me and part of her will always be with me. 

 The love between the two of you will never go away

 The love between a mother and her children is eternal. This is a love that doesn’t go away just because a life has ended. The love between you and your mom will last forever regardless if she is physically here with you. Your mother’s love is with you for everything you do. She is a part of you. 

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