A Reminder On The Days You Feel You May Never Move On

The healing process isn’t a simple one. It doesn’t happen all at once. It doesn’t happen one morning. It doesn’t happen like we expect it to. Instead, it happens in small bits, gradually over time, leaving some days, still, a struggle.

And it just so happens that right after a significant number of “good” days, the grief pours over you again. Right when you think you’ve gotten to a better place, the emotions come crashing down again and make you feel as if you lost this person yesterday.

It’s like reliving the break up all over again. It’s like it happened just yesterday and the months invested into this healing process means nothing. In this one moment, it feels like you will never fully be able to move on.

But it’s just a set back. Every day won’t hurt this bad. Things won’t feel like this forever.

Think about how far you’ve come. Think about the beautiful leap you’ve taken from those days that you were crying in the shower or on the bathroom floor.

The bad days won’t come as often. It won’t hurt this bad forever.

The time in between the good days and the bad will get longer. You will be able to last longer without the gut-wrenching pain of what this person put you through. You won’t have as many nightmares. The racing thoughts will slow down.

But you don’t need to rush this process. You don’t need to wake up tomorrow and have it all figured out.

You loved this person deeply. They were a huge part of your life. They were your best friends.

Therefore, the pain that comes from losing them isn’t going to disappear over night. It’s a process. Slow but surely, you will be all right.

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