It’s Still Hard To Accept How Effortlessly You Walked Away

The hardest part in moving on and letting you go is the concept that I just can’t wrap my head around. It’s the thought that overwhelms and consumes my thoughts even months later. How on earth was it so easy and effortless for you to close the door and walk away?

How do you promise someone forever time and time again and so easily walk away?

How do you tell someone you never want to know a life without someone and so easily walk away?

Maybe we are just different. Maybe it couldn’t be possible for me to walk away, delete you off of everything and pretend you never existed.

Or maybe you never really loved me.  Maybe the words we exchanged only had meaning behind them on my end. Maybe you didn’t even know what love was.

Or maybe you didn’t know how to accept the love I was willing to give. Maybe you didn’t love yourself enough to do so.

For whatever the reason, I never would have been able to do that. I never would have been able to walk out and leave and throw everything between us away.

I would never have been able to let go in the way that you did. I would never be able to say such hurtful things, walk away and never look back.

But maybe that’s exactly it. I deserve better than someone who could make moving on seem so simple. I deserve better than someone who would walk out on the person that gave them the world.

I deserve better than you.

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