There Was A Time You Were My Everything & Now You Are Just A Stranger

There was once a time you meant everything to me. There was a time that my happiness depended on you. There was a time that I didn’t go a day without talking to you. There was a time that there were never too many days between seeing you.

There was a time you were my everything.

And now, well you don’t mean nearly as much. My happiness no longer depends on you. I haven’t spoken to you in what seems like forever. I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw you.

It’s crazy how things change. I don’t know anything about you anymore. I don’t know whom you spend your time with. I don’t know what you do for fun. I don’t know how work is going. I don’t know how your family is doing.

These were things that were a part of my everyday life. I knew everything about you. I looked forward to hearing about your day at work. I loved hearing about and catching up with your family.

You knew everything about me. You knew everything from my favorite hobbies to my deepest fears to my insecurities. You knew what made me smile, you knew what I was passionate about, sometimes, I think you knew me better than I knew myself.

 And now you’re just a stranger.

You don’t know anything. You don’t know about all of the big things I’m doing at work and at school. You don’t know about the new hobbies and passions I found. You don’t know anything about my new friends. You don’t know about the people I chose to leave behind.

But it’s okay. My happiness doesn’t rely on you anymore. I don’t need someone to tell about my day. I don’t need someone to know every thought, fear and feeling.

I don’t need validation that I am loved. I don’t need validation that I am wanted.

And on the days I am feeling sad, on the days that I am missing my best friend, it is important for me to remember; I don’t need you any more. I am just fine on my own.

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