My Mom Died And It Isn’t Fair

Your mom is supposed to be there for you as you grow up. Your mom is supposed to be there right by your side when you need advice, when you get your heart broken, and basically anytime you need a shoulder to cry on.

But the reality of losing your mom way earlier age than you should- you don’t get to have her for those things. You don’t get to have her support when you need it. You don’t get to cry in her arms when your stressed and your life is falling apart.

I was considered an adult when I lost my mom. But let me tell you, I was nowhere near a “grown up” when it came to still needing my mom for so many important things.

Forget all of the big milestones she was going to miss. Aside from all of that, there were still so many basics of daily life that I still needed her for.

Things as simple as helping me pick out an outfit for a job interview or a first day to having someone to come home and eat icecream in bed with after a bad day at school or work.

There is so much she is missing. There is so much I am missing out on as well. There are so many moments that every mom and daughter get so excited to be sharing together. There are so many moments my mom would have been so proud to be there for. There are so many things she would have been so overjoyed to get to share with me.

But our reality got cut short.

I don’t get to have my mom help me pick out shoes to go with my new dress

I don’t get to ask my mom for advice on the new person that I am dating.

I don’t get to binge watch movies in bed with my mom instead of going out on a Friday night.

I don’t get to call my mom on the way home from a bad day at work.

I don’t get to call my mom to tell her about the exciting news in my life.

This list goes on and on. Along with a list of all of the things my mom is going to miss. Along with a list of all the things that my mom was SUPPOSED to be there for.

Our time got cut short. Way too short. It will never be fair, but what I can do, is continue to make her proud.

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