22 Times I Wish I Could Call My Mom, But I Know She Won’t Be There

Losing your mom is the hardest and most gut-wrenching experience. The grief comes in ebbs and flows, but completely washes over me when I reach for the phone. I need to call her, but then I remember she won’t be able to answer.

No matter how old I get, there will always be so many things I will continue to need my mom for.

  1. When I need to know that I am doing okay in life.

  2. I need to bi*** about my really crappy day at work. She was the only one who would listen without all that judgment.

  3. Sometimes I just need to vent about the gossip that I am WAY too old to still be dealing with.

  4. Wedding Dress shopping just won’t ever be the same without her input.

  5. I wish I could just call and ask her when my kid has a toothache or the flu… and what the hell to do about either!

  6. When I need a coffee date with the person who was ALWAYS supposed to be there.

  7. I really wish I could take her shopping or a spa day or some fancy dinner… anything to pay her back for all the things she’s done for me!

  8. When I just can’t seem to get in right in my relationship and she was the BEST wife ever.

  9. I need her to tell me how to be the bigger person when my friends are all being petty.

  10. When life has gotten way too overwhelming and I just can’t seem to hold it together anymore.

  11. I need her encouragement when I feel like everyone is doing better than me.

  12. When everything seems to be falling apart.

  13. When I’m mustering the strength to leave a toxic relationship.

  14. When I have to watch my kid go on a first day of school.

  15. When I’m at a crossroads changing careers.

  16. The times I really need a firm kick in the ass!

  17. Her words of wisdom are sometimes the only thing I need at a certain time.

  18. When I’m supposed to know what to wear for a job interview

  19. I need her to tell me when those shoes definitely DON’T go well with that dress

  20. When I need complete upfront and brutal honesty.

  21. I wish I could call when I need someone to put my head back on straight.

  22. When I just need the comfort of my best friend.

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