Grief Is The Price We Pay For Love

Probably one of the most powerful things that anyone has ever said to me. It’s a quote that has stayed in my mind since the day that I heard it and has provided me with strength and guidance as I continue along on my “grief” journey.

Love, no matter what form it has manifested into your life, it is hands down the greatest thing this world has to offer. It has the ability to bring you to your highest of highs, provide you with comfort, and leave the warmest, safest feeling in your heart.

Losing this person has meant that we have lost these things. We have lost the high, the comfort and the safety that came from this person. They will never be physically apart of our daily life again and we will never get it back from that person.

But here is the up side. You are feeling this awful pain, because you did in fact, love. You got to experience this amazing feeling and share it with someone who was so special to you.

You got to share your own moments and memories with this person that nobody, including death, can take away from you.

This person may have left you physically, but they have left so much behind to get you through.

You just have to find it.

The love you shared with this person is between the two of you. Regardless of the relationship they shared with the other people in their life, not a single person experienced it the way that you do. And let me tell you, if losing them is this hard, then your relationship with them had to be pretty amazing.

They left you with countless happy and comforting moments to look back on. They left you with memories that will last you a lifetime. They left with the powerful feeling of love.

They are with you every step of the way. Your relationship was far too powerful for the connection to end just physically.

The love between the two of you cannot be replicated. The love between the two of you will always be there, it will last forever.

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