Nothing Ruins A Day Quite Like A Dream About Your Ex

How on earth is it actually possible that having one stupid little dream with a certain person in it, can send you head first into your grief of missing, thinking and reminiscing on this person that is no longer a part of your life?

One of the worst things ever if you ask me.

Dreams about an ex have this way of sending us through a downward spiral of a rollercoaster of emotions that have the potential to run an entire day.

How does this person have this kind of control of us?

I thought I was over my ex by now. I was convinced I had moved on.

How does a silly little dream still have the ability to disrupt all normalcy in my life?

Questions that I will NEVER have the answer for.

I will never understand how a dream can feel so real that it can genuinely trick your mind into thinking that you miss this person. A dream can feel so real that it can actually leave us craving the touch and love of this person all over again.

These dreams have the ability to completely screw up what is going on in our current life and actually make you question if you are really happy.

These dreams have the ability to make us wonder why we are with someone else if we still are having feelings for the person that left our life quite awhile ago.

No matter how much time has passed, these dreams continue to be just as difficult to deal with as we try and pull ourselves out of bed in the morning.

Luckily, the more time that passes, the less frequently these dreams come about.

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