If Heaven Had Visiting Hours

There is nothing in this world I could want more than to be able to drop everything and come see you for few hours. There is nothing I dream of more often than even just a few seconds of reuniting with you again.

If heaven had visiting hours I would stop by every day.

I would drop everything to come and tell you about my day.

I would fill you in on EVERYTHING. The good, the bad, the ugly, all of the gossip, we would talk for hours and hours.

I would hug you and never let you go.

I would curl up in your arms again and feel the safest I have in years.

I would cry. Tears of happiness of course.

I would tell you about everything you’re missing.

I would remind you that you are the reason for everything I do, every single day.

I would make sure you know you are still a part of every day.

I would tell you I love you, again and again. I would make sure you would NEVER forget that.

I would tell you how great everyone is doing. How we keep each other strong and that you left me in the best hands.

I would tell you how much I miss you and that you are in my thoughts every second of every day.

I would catch up on all of our favorite shows and movies. Just laying with you and relaxing, my favorite things.

I would say see you later, but only until the next day I could come back again.

If only, heaven had visiting hours.

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