As The Weather Gets Colder….

I’m sure it’s definitely not just me … but as the summer winds down and we start to get deeper and deeper into fall, A LOT of changes. I’m not sure if I would say it is seasonal depression, but it’s pretty close.

Everything gets darker, colder and has a way of reminding me of all of the sad memories that come along with those winter months. I’m not sure it helps that this is right around the time that my mom died, or that the majority of bad things that have happened in my life have all fell around this time of year- but that definitely plays a big role too.

Overall, it’s depressing. You have the start wearing a jacket outside. It’s dark when you leave for work in the morning and soon will be dark again when you get out. There are fewer people outside. Nobody is as happy as they are in the summertime.

Something just seems to be missing. Happiness seems to be missing.

It has a way with me. It has a way of making me a lot less bright and struggle a little more with looking at the glass half full. It makes me miss my mom more. It makes me long for people that have been out of my life for quite awhile. It makes me struggle a lot more with the concept of spending time alone. 

I dread this time of year, for more reasons than one. 

So if any of you, start to struggle a little more in the fall and winter time, know that you are not alone. Know that you always have a safe place here. 

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