What It Means To Love A Girl Without A Mother

The relationship that was shared between a mother and her daughter is unlike any relationship that a woman will ever experience. Her mother has taught her how to love, how to hate, how to fight, and since losing the most influential person in her life; how to survive.Every important feeling that comes from being in and experiencing love, she has learned from this person who is no longer with her.

She’s been through hell and back and she has survived. She has gone through one of the worst pains imaginable and had to do it at an age way before she should ever have had to. She was forced to go through something absolutely unimaginable and had to learn how to continue to carry on with her life as if everything was fine. She has lived through countless struggles, tears and days that seemed almost impossible to pull herself out of bed. She has been through hell and back, but she has survived. 

She looks at life a little differently now.

She knows what it’s like to lose the most important person in her life. She knows what it’s like to have the ground ripped from under her with nothing that she can do or say about it. She has learned to value what she has and is terrified to lose it. She will hold on to you with everything in her. She will be terrified to lose you in the same way.

She will fight with you when you aren’t being rational.

She wants nothing more than for you to understand life the way that she does. She doesn’t want you to sweat the small stuff or complain about the little things. She wants to understand how short life really is and see and understand the way her world now works, even if it may be different from yours. She doesn’t mean to be crazy, she has just been through a lot more than other girls her age.

But she will fight for you every single day.

Don’t think for a second she will let her love go unnoticed. She will make sure you know every single day how important and how loved you are. She has been through absolute hell and she will fight with everything in her to make sure she doesn’t have to lose another person that means the world to her. She will never give up easy.

She may seem needy sometimes.

She’s let you in. She’s broke down her walls for you and shown you every scar and every bit of pain that she has been through. She will be terrified to lose you. It may come across as needy, but she’s just terrified to have to lose you.

She will do everything she can to make sure you get to know her mom.

Even though her mom is no longer here and cannot be here to share the love that you have with her, she will do her best to include her mom in every area of her life. She will show you pictures, tell you countless stories and make sure that you can see her mom in her, every day. Listen and ask questions, it will mean the world to her.

She’ll be a little broken, but she’ll be worth it.

She’s been through a lot, that is for certain, but she is also a strong, independent and courageous girl who wants nothing but to let you in and make you part of her world. It may be difficult at times, but it will be worth it.

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2 thoughts on “What It Means To Love A Girl Without A Mother

  1. My mum’s anniversary of her passing is the 15th Feb which means Valentine’s Day is a hard one for me. Thank you for all your posts and blogs, they help me a lot xx

  2. Yesterday was my birthday as well as valentine’s day. My moms birthday is the 18th and always a hard day for me. This year seems to be more challenging. My only guess is that I’m now only a year younger than she was when she passed. Im only guessing and I only know I’m struggling today and this week. Love you mom RIP

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