Read This When Living Without Your Mom Gets Overwhelming

I think we can all mutually agree that this is the worst club that we definitely didn’t ask to be a part of. For so many reasons, this is the worst thing that we could have ever imagined happening to us.

I remember losing my mom like it was yesterday. I remember kissing her on the cheek while I watched her sweet, peaceful, sleeping soul drift out of her body. My world was crashing down in front of me. My life was falling apart

Although time has passed and the gut wrenching feelings of grief have subsided, there are still days that get too overwhelming to function. There are still days that I cannot wrap my head around the fact that my mom is gone. There are still days that are absolutely unbearable to go through without her.

You aren’t alone

You are never alone. Even on your darkest of days when it seems that nobody understands, your mom is with you. Even when you feel like you are walking through this life alone, your mom is with you. With everything you do, your mom is with you.

You are strong

You have been through hell and back. You are a warrior. You have made it this far and you will make it through whatever is ahead. You are brave, you are strong and you will get through this. One day at a time. You will.

Your mom is proud

Your mom is so proud of the person you have become. You were her baby. You were her everything. No matter what age you were when you lost her, you are still her pride and joy. She is watching you so unbelievably happy and proud. She is still here.

There are better days ahead

Every day won’t hurt as bad as today.  Today is just a bump in the road. You have hit a rough patch. The storm won’t last forever. There are beautiful and amazing things in store for you.

I know how bad this hurts. I have been here too many times before. You will be okay. You will get through this. You will do it for your mom. 

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