50 Positive Ways To Deal With Grief




Grief can often seem never ending. It can suck us in and cause us into a downward spiral of painful emotions and destruction. It is so important that during this horrible time we find positive outlets and happier ways to deal with this.

1.     Thinking of happy memories

2.     Talking about it/the person

3.     Reminiscing

4.     Writing

5.     Self-care

6.     Keeping busy

7.     Pray

8.     Exercise

9.     Laughing

10. Time with friends

11. Time with family

12. Joining a grief group

13. Look for signs that they are still with us

14. Visit cemetery/ place ashes were spread

15. Dance

16. Go to the park

17. Go for a run

18. Go for a walk

19.  Do a free write

20. Color

21. Read

22. Meditate

23. Think positive

24. Listen to music

25. Focus on school/work

26. Looking at pictures

27. Doing a good deed for someone else

28. Travel

29. Pray

30. Do crafts

31. Baking/cooking

32. Cry it out when needed

33. Talk to others who have gone through the same

34. Re-evaluating and adjusting

35. Finding strength from your loved one

36. Read the bible

37. Be mindful of feelings

38. Make decorations for the cemetery

39. A memory tree

40. Spend time with pets

41. Wear articles of closing from your loved one

42. Continue to talk to them/include them in your life

43. Releasing guilt

44. Lightening candles for them

45. Celebrating and honoring them on special days

46. Up keeping certain values and traditions

47. Loving yourself

48. Counting your blessings

49. Living every day like it is your last

50. One day at a time

In the midst of all of this pain and these sorrows, it is so important to find time to focus on ourselves and the things that can make us happy. Life is hard, but we can do this. Step by step.

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